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About Us


Our Philosophy 

Each child must be respected as a unique and worthwhile person and a gift from God. A child's self-image is an important possession to be nourished and encouraged to grow. In order to build self-confidence and independence, a child must be allowed to succeed in a great number of tasks while always being challenged by tasks which stretch present ability on an individual basis.

The children will be encouraged to respect the rights of others and grow in Christian love.

Our preschool program will be rich in meaningful learning experiences, which will develop a child spiritually, socially, physically and intellectually.

The joy of learning is a natural, voluntary action found in every child. It can be a lifetime venture when given a solid foundation of encouragement and motivation.


Sonlight Christian Preschool is established to provide high quality, early childhood education in a positive environment.

Our fundamental goals are that:

· Children will begin to recognize themselves as worthwhile individuals created by God in His own image and will begin to grow in self-acceptance.

· Children will begin to acquire knowledge and understanding and develop their talents and skills for responsible living within their families and communities through a curriculum designed around instruction, experience and discipline.

We pledge to provide the highest quality of instruction and care with the ongoing quest for improvement by additional education and training.


Sonlight Christian Preschool uses a Christian preschool curriculum that provides an excellent foundation of basic skills. We use a traditional approach to Christian education that keeps learning lively, interesting, and memorable. In addition to this curriculum, we will introduce the students to activities and units of study that will incorporate music, art, science, story time, computers, library skills, creative dramatics, cooking, health, safety, and hands-on learning experiences.

There will be field trips throughout the year to augument and enhance our learning program along with special field trips to encourage good behavior.